Did you think this blog was about bora? I lied.

January 24, 2008 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

This blog is not about bora.  This blog is about me and my insolence.

The best thing about this blog is that I don’t really even need to blog. I can just cut and paste someone else’s blog into mine. That’s “SYNERGY” from some folks’ perspectives, plagerism in oldentimes, and laziness bred into Gen Xers who grew up during the Reagan years.


excerpts include:

As compared to the normally staid sessions I have moderated at local and national meetings of my professional scientific associations, this was a new experience as I’ve never helped to guide such a contentious discussion….

I found two very strong undercurrents: one faction of the audience seemed resigned to the fact that nothing can be done to elevate public understanding of science and that a presidential debate on the topic was a futile effort; the other was a somewhat smaller group of discussants who felt that we need to work with the media we’ve got (Mooney’s words, I believe) and start back toward returning science to the public discourse as it was in the days following Sputnik. A third, less-vocal group led by Gabrielle Lyon contends that we don’t give the public enough credit for being interested in science, an observation emphasized by the fact that 79% of the attendees were not scientists.

Thanks Abel Pharmboy – I’ve always had a thing for shucking and contention.


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