I was wrong

I was wrong. About Bora. It’s actually not that hard to admit.


I’d said that the science blogging conference was just a way for him to learn how to blog after putting up a false front for so many years and hiring an 8 year old with video games and cookies to post for him… The conference IS a way for bora to learn how to blog in a friendly atmosphere. But it isn’t the MAIN reason he organized it. The MAIN reason he organized it is so that he could get his picture taken with pretty girls. In fact, the more I think about how many women were here the more I’m wondering if the conference wasn’t really just an excuse to talk to pretty girls…


 Now that we all know the truth about bora we should probably take a minute and just breathe. Step back from the aftermath of this revelation and see what, if anything, we can take away of use from this mess.

 1) it’s fine to organize a conference with ulterior motives. In fact, despite the insidious nature of the impetus to bring the conference to fruition, the conference prevailed: the presenters turned out to be good at moderating rowdy crowds as well as at framing topical discussions, and the food was really good.

2) despite the  occassional undertones — (overtones?) – of high-school hallway dynamics in exchanges about how to get more attention to blogs, how to get more media about science, and how to get more science to be media savvy, a seemingly nascient movement seems to be coming into its own and still encouraging others to join

 3) I know – you’re still reeling in shock from the idea that bora didn’t know how to write a blog before this confernce and can hardly process the information that it’s all about pretty girls….who can write, take pictures, ask questions, act arrogant, like cookies…. but I am sure you’ll get over it. Because clearly there are much more interesting blogs than this one to tune into.


 PS-  if you’re in need of more evidence for my claims just WAIT, there WILL be a preponderance of proof!


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you asked for it, you got it

I know you have been waiting with bated breath to see if what I suggested in my first blog is true. I know that  you want the evidence.

This blog provides it to you uncut, unedited. Direct from my phone:011808_1114a.jpg

This photo was taken moments ago by a Motorola crappy phone at the UNC-CH Science Library, room 307 at approximately 11:17am.

Still don’t believe me?

Evidence will prevail. The truth is out there – i only need enough data to prove my point.

PS- Who is Anton REALLY?

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I took a picture of bora blogging…

you may have thought that bora knew everything about blogging, but really he doesn’t know how to blog. this entire conference is a way for him to fast track learning for himself. his blog around the clock has been a big front. He hires an 8-year old to do it (mostly in exchange for video games and oreos)… I know you have wondered, “how can bora possibly have written a blog today/this afternoon/this evening….i JUST had dinner with him/saw him at a conference session/heard him talking on the phone….” now you know the truth. In my next blog I will provide the actual evidence that this story is true.

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